Student Dorm Kit


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Our Student Dorm Kit includes the following products:

Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Specifically designed for your hearing impaired guest with in mind. Includes amplified audible buzzer and bed shaker.


Door Knocker

This unit alerts guests by a flashing light when someone knocks at the door. Can be used as a flashlight in the event of a power outage. Includes a low battery indicator.

Telephone Signaler

The telephone signaler connects to the telephone line and to a lamp. This device signals an incoming call by flashing the lamp.

Hotel ADA Bag that carry items for guest room

ADA Carrying Case

Soft Shell carrying case for kit storage and guest convenience.

wr120The latest in weather and hazard alert monitoring technology, providing you with the information needed to keep you safe. Public Alert Certified. Unit has a special receiver that tunes to the 24/7 broadcast issued by the National Weather Service. The combined All Hazards/Weather Alert broadcast network is the single most immediate source for comprehensive weather and emergency information available to the public. Innovative automatic alert system.

Alarm Monitoring System

Wireless notification system easily connects to your hotel’s existing fire alarm using a small transmitter, if activated, it sends a wireless signal to the sound and strobe receiver to alert your hearing impaired guests that the hotel’s fire alarm system has been activated. (Available Separately)

*Detector not included.


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