Krown KA300TX Transmitter

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Connect the KA300TX to any audible alarm, the transmitter will send to any KA300 or KA1000 receiver. Great for use in home or office.

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KA300 Transmitter for any detector.

  • Place on any detector such as smoke, fire, OH2 Carbon, security, etc.
  • Attach to transmitter security system or window, any vibration will send a signal to the receiver
  • Placing any cell phone on the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver for incoming calls and messages
  • Attach to an audible baby monitor, sends a signal to the receiver
  • Transmits to KA300RX and/or KBS300RX, KA1000 and KA1000RR
  • Battery included, good for up to 2 years


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