Krown LookOut™ Sidekick Receiver & Wireless Push Button Doorbell Transmitter

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The Krown LookOut™ Sidekick is a plug-in receiver with flashing strobe light & adjustable chime that is compatible with any LookOut™ Series by Krown Manufacturing. The receiver may be used to expand your current LookOut™ All-in-One Notification system, purchased with a compatible transmitter, or used to replace an existing Sidekick receiver.

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The receiver works with up to two (2) different LookOut™ transmitters such as the K-KNS360DT Wireless Push Button Doorbell or the K-KNS360TT Wireless Telephone Transmitter. Simply plug the receiver into a standard wall outlet, pair it with a transmitter, and you now have a loud wireless chime receiver that also features a bright strobe light–making it a great addition for the elderly or hard-of-hearing. The receiver features three operation modes; 1) strobe only, 2) chime only, and 3) strobe and chime. Add as many of these receivers as you want to your system and plug them in throughout your home to distribute the sound and ensure you never miss a visitor or call.

  • Long range wireless transmission up to 1,000 ft. (direct line of sight).
  • Each receiver can pair with a total of two (2) transmitters.
  • Receiver has three (3) operating modes; a) chime only, b) flashing strobe only and c) chime & flashing strobe.
  • Eighteen (18) available chimes to choose from selected for each programmed transmitter to distinguish the transmitter notified.
  • Bright Flashing LED light has two (2) flashing patterns; a) slow & b) fast; to distinguish the transmitted notification.
  • Loud and clear sound, up to 90dB.
  • Operating temperature: 32F to 104F.
  • Product dimensions: Sidekick Receiver: 2.5'' (L) x 1.2'' (W) x 4.72'' (H), Wireless Push Button Transmitter: 3.48” (L) x 1.34” (W) x .73” (H)
  • Product weight: .25 lbs.
  • K-KNS360ER Receiver AC 80V to 240V.
  • Wireless Push Button Doorbell: mounting bracket and hardware, adhesive and one (1) CR2032 battery included.
  • Low battery indicator illuminates when battery in paired push button (or another transmitter) is weak and needs to be replaced.
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


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