Our History

Our Story

deafchemistOur story began at a kitchen table in Fort Worth, Texas in 1984 when two people, Barbara and Sidney Ander, set out to create a more accessible society for the deaf and hard of hearing community because they, being deaf, could understand the barriers faced by their own community. The company created at this kitchen table, CompuTTY Inc., did more than provide a direct link between major businesses and the deaf and hard of hearing community; it changed the way the deaf and hard of hearing community lived and traveled.

In the 1980’s, without the backing of any legal mandates such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Barbara and Sid, transformed the lives of many American deaf and hard of hearing community. Through the use of CompuTTY’s products, many large American institutions including major credit card companies, major fast food delivery chains, major airports and baseball stadiums became more accessible and were able to better serve the deaf and hard of hearing consumer. No longer did deaf and hard of hearing people have to rely on other people like their family members or neighbors to order their pizzas, to make their airline reservations, or to apply for a credit card. They could call those businesses directly with the use of a telephone device for the deaf provided by CompuTTY.

With the acquisition of Krown Research, a manufacturer of text telephones for the deaf, CompuTTY/Krown Manufacturing set out to make the most reliable and comprehensive set of products that would not only provide telephone communications but provide portable and permanent visual and tactile notification systems for emergency and other home signals including doorbell chimes and telephone rings. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals use such products to receive visual and tactile alerts any time the fire alarm or the doorbell chime are set off. Such products became staples for many homes across the nation.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, The Anders continued to pave new ground when, ahead of legal mandates, the Anders manufactured the first hotel communication kit that would make hotel rooms become accessible places of lodging for all to enjoy. The kit contains of a comprehensive visual and tactile alert system for signals received in the room including fire alarms and door knock signals. No longer did the deaf or hard of hearing hotel traveler have to worry about dying in a hotel fire or having the housekeeping walk in unannounced.

Being deaf and heavy travelers themselves, the Anders remain invested in ensuring the CompuTTY hotel kit contains the most reliable set of products to ensure communication access is achieved for both the hotel and the consumer. Being the trusted brand for over 30 years, the CompuTTY hotel can be found in many hotels around the nation and internationally.

Never satisfied with status quo, by the 1990’s and always ahead of their time, Barbara and Sidney continued to develop innovative and mobile devices that helped further define accessibility. These devices include a portable sign language translator and a portable text telephone with voicing capabilities. Those devices, like the rest of CompuTTY/Krown Manufacturing’s products, remain unmatched.

Since its inception, CompuTTY/Krown Manufacturing has created many revolutionary products and helped bridge the business community with the deaf and hard of hearing community. What began as a desire to break down barriers for a community has changed the way 48 million deaf and hard of hearing Americans live and created a more accessible society for all.

“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people who are deaf and hard of hearing by providing excellent telecommunication equipment for individuals, businesses, and professionals in any place including the home, the workplace, and in all public facilities.”