KA300 Visual Notification System

The Innovative ka300

Converts your existing built-in fire alarm system into a visual notification system

Fire and Smoke notification system for deaf and hard of hearing

The KA300 system is an emergency alerting system used as a bridge to transmit audible signals from an existing built-in fire alarm to the sound and strobe receiver in the guest’s room.

KA300SD: Notification System for Deaf and Hard of HearingThe KA300 connects up to three built-in audible emergency alarms such as fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, weather alerts, Vessel General Alarm into one monitoring system. When your built-in fire alarm is activated anywhere in the building, the KA300 transmitter sends a wireless signal to the sound and strobe receiver to notify your guest of an emergency. The KA300 system installs in minutes with tool-free installation without the cost of re-wiring the building.

It is designed to fit small, medium or large-scale buildings. The KA300 is an ideal product for a hotel, dormitory, apartment or office building.

The KA300 can be permanently mounted or portable.